Trim Kit

Trim Kit

Tone Up! The superset of supplements to tone and shape faster.

Unlocking your fittest self, and reaching your tone goals calls for a fine balance of fueling your body right and energizing yourself to smash out epic workouts.

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WHAT’s included

Pro Isolate

Fuel your body

90% Protein / 25.5G Protein / 1.06G Carbs / 0.75G Fat.
Enjoy a low fat protein hit to fuel your epic workouts.

What is it?

  • Low in Sugar and Fat.
  • High Protein with 25.5g Protein per 30g serving.
  • High in BCAAs to help you recover faster from sweaty sessions.

When Should I take it?

Post-workout: Re-nourish your body immedietly after your session. You earned it.

How will i benEfit?

Unlock tone and shape faster.

Power Up


200mg Caffeine / 3g Creatine /Minerals and B-Vitamins.
Powerful workout booster to fly through tough workouts.

What is it?

  • 200mg Caffeine per serving.
  • Get fired up without the nasty jitters.
  • Hit your PBs and your goals in no time.

When Should I take it?

Pre-workout: Take 20-30 minutes before your session and get ready to sweat.

How will i benEfit?

Fire up your workouts and discover hidden energy stores.

Metabolic Charge


Fat burning boosters.
Keep calorie deficit fatigue and cravings at bay.

What is it?

  • The secret weapon behind a successful trim.
  • Burn more calories every day.
  • Resist the call of the snack cupboard.

When Should I take it?

Across the day: Take 3 capsules a day with each main meal.

How will i benEfit?

Burn more calories, crave less snacks.

Smart Shaker


Take your sports nutrition with you wherever you go.
Stay hydrated and guel your body pre-/ intra- and post-workout.

What is it?

  • The smoother mover and shaker out there.
  • Wave goodbye to messy mixing with this ergonomic shaker that fluently blends soft fruit and powders in only 10-15 seconds.

When Should I take it?

To the gym, to the park, to the club - hydration after all is key.

How will i benEfit?

Fire up your workouts and discover hidden energy stores.

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Say goodbye to overpaying on the nutrition your body needs! Smash your toning goals and bulked up prices, and unlock the train smart method with our Trim Bundle. Designed to support your pre-/intra and post- workout nutrition, providing your body with the supps and nutrients it needs to unveil your strongest self ever


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